HATO UDO (East Timor)

Hato Udo ....waiting on text

Hato Udo

  • Hato1

    Finished School (and now toliets!)
  • Hato2
    Teaching boys to cut and measure
  • Hato3
    Progress - construction part way through
  • Hato4
    Laying spoon drain
  • Hato5
    Laying cement for water tank slab
  • Hato6
    Teachers and pupils
  • Hato7
    The team from Oz - Jobsons and Peter Hedley
  • Hato8
    Students welcome the team in song!
  • Hato9
  • Hato10
    Excavating the school site
  • Hato11
    Pupils help with the foundations by carrying rocks
  • Hato12
    Jobsons with Sister Julian
  • Hato13
    Next project - the toilet block!
  • Hato14
    Toilets under construction
  • Hato15
    Taking shape
  • Hato16
    Roof goes on
  • Hato17
    More progress
  • Hato18
    A working product!

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