Mt Kosciuszko Wheelchair Summit Challenge

Children with disabilities sometimes miss out on exciting activities.  That's why Turramurra Rotary is starting a brand new program:

on 3rd March 2018, 
we’re taking a small group of 
adventurous kids in wheelchairs 
to the top of Australia’s 
tallest mountain — Mt Kosciuszko!

The Mt Kosciuszko Wheelchair Summit Challenge provides an opportunity for children in wheelchairs to have a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience of summiting Mt Kosciuszko, with arrangements made by Rotary and the assistance of support teams*.

Help to Prevent and Cure Spinal Cord Injuries!

By joining the Kosciuszko Wheelchair Summit Challenge, not only will you have the adventure of a lifetime, you'll also be helping Steve raise awareness and funds for our primary beneficiary SpinalCure. 

After being partially paralysed in a surfing accident in 2014, Steven has made a spectacular recovery and is now aiming to break the world speed record for climbing The Seven Summits — the highest mountain on each of the seven continents — in the record time of just four months.  The first of these mountains is Mt Vinson in Antarctica in January 2018.  The final ascent is Mt Everest in Nepal, in May.  By the time of the Kosciuszko Challenge in March, we anticipate that Steven will have completed four of the Seven Summits.

This project is being undertaken to raise funds and awareness for our primary beneficiary, SpinalCure.


Creating events for disabled kids is a long tradition at Turramurra Rotary.  

In 1973, club member Ross Blackmore suggested that we take disabled and disadvantaged kids on a joy flight in a jumbo jet.  Every year since then we've been putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of excited kids with our Jumbo Joy Flight.  More recently, we've been installing hundreds of wheelchair ramps in the homes and schools of disabled kids in Bangladesh, transforming their mobility and sense of independence.


Download the Information Pack HERE and Sign up to Register NOW for the Kosciuszko Challenge.

* The route being taken to the summit of Kosciuszko is the path from Charlottes Pass — no ‘mountaineering’ involved :)

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