Community Health


In March/April each year, the Club distributes and collects from local pharmacies in the Turramurra area kits for the testing of bowel cancer.The project involves the distribution to the public of a simple test kit on which is collected small specimens of faeces for analysis. Results of the analysis are made available within a couple of weeks, with a copy sent to the individual's GP.

Cancer Council - Daffoill Day

The Club supports the NSW Cancer Council by organising the 'Daffodil Day' collection at Turramurra and Warrawee Train Stations. Daffodil Day is held in the last week of August each year.

Australian Rotary Health Research Foundation 

The ARHRF is one of Australia's leading providers of health research funding, particularly in the area of mental health research. From the funds the Club raises, the Club makes an annual donation to the ARHRF. 


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