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Hamamas Meri*Project (‘Days for Girls’ style)





To ensure the women and girls of the Admiralty Island group, including Manus Island, don’t have to miss days of school or work every month.

To provide hygiene education and pre prepared sustainable hygiene kits for the local women to sew together.




  • The project pilot, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Turramurra and Wantaim PNG, started in June 2017.
  • Initially, a team of Turramurra members, partners and friends prepared 300 kits, trained by a ‘Days for Girls’ Team Leader.
  • The kits were transported to Port Moresby by the Australian Air Force.
  • In October 2017, a small team of volunteers trained the local women of Manus Island in hygiene education and the sewing together of the kits.
  • After the success of the pilot, monthly workshops have been held to maintain a supply of the pre prepared kits.
  • A small team of skilled workers make up completed kits to supplement the supply.
  • Funding has been sourced from Turramurra Rotary Club fundraisers and grants.
  • The bonus of this project is the opportunity for volunteers to work together in a convivial environment knowing they are making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged women and girls.




Sincere thanks to: Turramurra Rotary Club; Wantaim PNG; Hamamas Meri Team; Days for Girls; Canisius House (for providing a free workshop venue); Australian Government (DFAT grant); Steamships Trading Company (grant)

*Hamamas Meri - Happy Woman (Pidgin)

Contact: Pam Pritchard

               Mobile phone: 0411 335 299

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